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Bridgit Bench Integration

Bridgit Bench
Bridgit’s flagship solution, Bridgit Bench, is a workforce intelligence solution that lets you effectively leverage your most important asset - your workforce.
Contractors use Bridgit Bench to enhance their workforce management and forecasting
The Integration

Add and edit a project in Bridgit Bench from BIM 360. Import awarded projects and project opportunities via direct integration, easily allocating your workforce with the most accurate data. Log in to Bridgit Bench with your BIM 360 credentials or open Bridgit Bench in a BIM 360 Partner Card.

Bridgit Bench is construction workforce intelligence enhancing your workforce planning through capacity management, project tracking, utilization reporting, forecasting, and skills tracking. Import project data from BIM 360 into Bridgit Bench.


  • Enables you to import project bids and start pencilling in your dream team before they’re awarded
  • Lets you choose how often you want to sync information, whether that’s every 5 minutes or 5 hours
  • Increases productivity and accuracy by cutting down on manual entries


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Quotation mark

“Bridgit Bench has helped us greatly reduce overhead carry. It does so by allowing us to clearly see future obstacles early and allows us to take action and mitigate them.”

- Jonathon Grammer at Rogers O’Brien

“Because of the simplicity of Bridgit Bench, workforce management has been taken out of one person’s hands and allowed me to put it into multiple managers’ hands with hardly any training. With Bridgit Bench, we are more informed. We can make the necessary changes at the worksite. Bridgit allows us to react quickly to the start, stop, and delay mode we have in this ever-changing world.”

- Tim Johnson at Skanska USA

“Our overall experience with Bridgit Bench thus far has been great, it has saved us hundreds of hours each month tracking our resources on projects.”

- Justin Cook at Fortis Construction