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Bridgit is a software company focused on developing mobile and web-based solutions for the construction industry. Bridgit’s flagship solution, Bridgit Bench, is a construction resource management tool. Contractors are using Bridgit Bench to simplify project forecasting and workforce allocations.
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The Integration

Customers can add and edit a project in Bridgit Bench from BIM 360 or BuildingConnected, log in to Bridgit Bench with their BIM 360 credentials, and open Bridgit Bench in a BIM 360 Partner Card.

Bridgit Bench is a construction resource management software that simplifies workforce planning through capacity management, project tracking, utilization reporting, forecasting, and skills tracking.


  • Reduce double entry
  • Minimize potential discrepancy errors
  • Break down silos between systems


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Quotation mark

“Unlike the Excel spreadsheet, Bridgit Bench is visual, and this element helps our leadership team see what is going on quickly; facilitating good decision-making and promoting more effective and productive meetings.”

- Scott Remer @ Current Builders

“Bridgit Bench helps us properly manage our resources which is the key for overall profitability.”

- Heather Marin @ hardison/downey

“Managing over 350 employees in one region, we needed powerful forecasting and utilization insights at the click of a button. With Bridgit Bench, we’ve been able to track project changes remotely and create predictability around our future workforce plans. Bridgit Bench is further advancing workforce utilization for the construction industry, particularly in today’s rapidly-changing environment.”

- Joe Jenkyn @ Katerra