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Leveraging Tech: Evaluation, Adoption, and Success with Miller-Davis

June 23 2021, 6pm

In this webinar, you will learn how to get teams on board with Pype and Autodesk Build.

With any construction company, evaluating and adopting new technology can be a challenge. From getting crucial stakeholders on board to implementing new technology rollout, this is no small feat to undertake. That’s why getting the right people, process, and technology in place to drive change is imperative for smooth adoption and can lead to future successful projects.

This customer success story will illustrate how Miller-Davis is utilizing Pype and Autodesk Build on a high-end Montessori School to meeting tight timelines, coordinate with multi-disciplinary teams, and overcome unique challenges.

Speakers :

Sarah Lee (Moderator)

Head of Pype Marketing


Ariel Castillo

Strategic Process and VDC Specialist

Miller-Davis Company

Pete Hill

Project Executive

Miller-Davis Company