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Expand Risk Prediction with Construction IQ

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Learn how you can start seeing the benefits of how Construction IQ can help your teams better prioritize daily work, increase visibility into high-risk issues, and drive more successful projects.

For most people, the phrase construction data analytics is enough to make eyes glaze over. But every day on construction sites, teams are coordinating hundreds of subcontractors, managing thousands of open issues, and navigating constant onsite changes. Construction projects continue to grow more complex, creating new challenges for minimizing risk and improving quality and construction safety initiatives.

Digitization of construction processes and the use of mobile devices on jobsites captures more data than ever before, data that could be used to improve quality and reduce risks. But, 95% of that data is going unused by construction and engineering firms, according to FMI.

Speakers :

Jenna Pellegrino

Manager, Construction Customer Success Operations, Autodesk

Manu Venugopal

Head of Construction Data & Analytics Products, Autodesk