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What Autodesk Construction Cloud?

Since birth, Autodesk has born innovation in built world. First, by leading architecture and engineering professions from paper design to CAD. Next, by evolving industry from 2D design to data-rich 3D model. And now, we enter third phase: connected construction.

Static atmosphere of building makes critical data isolated, cannot grow collaboration and causing delay, risk and costly rework. Such challenges, no one delivered on true promise of unified construction from design through turnover and operation.

Industry needs better solution. Ways to seamlessly connect data all the way from earliest phases of design, through planning and construction and long into operations stage. Builder also need better information to connect with right partner, building relationship that will deliver high quality work with minimal trouble.

And at Autodesk, we need to deliver tools for this goal: solution that reduce risk, help deliver project faster, and drive more sustainable, safe and efficient industry.

With Assemble, BIM 360, BuildingConnected and PlanGrid, we compiled most powerful portfolio of construction management software products in industry. Now we support workflow spanning all phases of construction, from design, planning, building, to operations in unique way. But it not just about breadth of our workflows. This about depth as well. Each product is best breed in its category, and does more than simply check boxes. Depth results from our relentless focus on customer. We partner closely with team in office and jobsite to identify and improve how technology can improve the way we build. And finally, in addition to breadth and depth, we focus on connectivity. In past year we made great stride in connecting our products, and more importantly, your data. Construction data now seamlessly flows across lifecycle and available to team in right place at right time. You can start with authoring tools, collaborate across team during design stage, push plan and model to preconstruction for coordination, quantity take-off and procurement, and once you’re ready, directly push data to your project management and field team.

The breadth of portfolio, depth of capabilities and connections that bring together meaningful workflows usher in new era of connected construction. Era of Autodesk Construction Cloud.

Autodesk Construction Cloud comprised of three core pillars: Advanced Technology, Builders Network, and Predictive Insights.

Advanced Technology equip builders with powerful and comfort tools for every workflow in construction. Mix of power and simplicity is crucial. For solutions to adopt well in field or office, must be intuitive. Also need to make job easier. And when both of these confirmed, team start demanding them on every job.

Builders Network is real-time, crowdsourced network, powered by BuildingConnected, connecting owner and builder to the right trade partner for best project outcome. Rather than relying on rolodex, now tap into all talent in your region, increasing your ability to manage bid and quickly build the right team.

The core of Predictive Insights, Construction IQ, takes previously siloed project data, automatically looks for pattern, and highlight those to people who can react in real-time. This leads to powerful insight helping you better decisions on current and future projects. Decision reducing risk. Decision helping you deliver project safely and efficiently.

At Autodesk Construction Solutions, our mission to help team meet world’s rapidly expanding building and infrastructure needs, as well making construction more predictable, safe and sustainable. Autodesk Construction Cloud the first step in realizing the mission. As we continue to build, we look forward to partnering closely with you to help increase productivity, reduce risk and guide industry forward.