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Lock success project before working in field

Empower preconstruction team to evaluate design goal, develop predictable project plan, and identify best builder and vendor for specific project requirement, as well driving the most up-to-date information to your team in the field.

BIM Coordination

Facilitate coordination of BIM model between team in office and field. Accelerate review, and identify and resolve clashes before starting project.

Eliminate back and forth rework as VDC managers and trades work from the same, updated model. Trade partner can immediately resolve problem and report change back instantly, saving time and cost.


Easily visualize quantities in 3D to understand scope, quantify change, and understand design goal to spend more time on high-value work rather than manually counting object.


Empower BIM/VDC manager and estimator to reduce project risk, and improve collaboration between team as they condition, run queries, and connect BIM data to key construction workflow to save time quantifying models.


Empower estimating team with 3D takeoff by quickly visualizing accurate quantities to understand scope, complexity, design goal, and identify change that affect costs and schedules.

Bid Management

Leverage the largest real-time construction network in North America to invite right vendor, manage proposal, and award best bid. Send custom bid invite, compare bids side-by-side, and track cost and forecast as well communicating with key stakeholder from one place.


Subcontractor can keep track of bid invite, stay ahead of deadline and measure the success of won business.


Qualify subcontractor with automated risk analysis kit and mitigate financial and safety risk sooner. Analyze subcontractor risk annually, or by project.


Advanced risk profile offer financial benchmarking, key metric calculation, capacity recommendation, and safety performance history. Receive automatic mitigation recommendation tailored to subcontractor and project.

Deliver project faster with portfolio of best industry solution, outstanding in performance and simplicity.

Connect all data and workflow from design to build and make decision more effectively across project lifecycle.

Increase team collaboration and transparency

Connect specification and issue between Assemble and BIM 360 to identify, track and resolve issue faster and with higher visibility.

Mitigate risk sooner in bidding process

Automatically sync TradeTapp qualification data to BC Pro to choose the best subcontractor for your project.

Start build process as soon as bidding finishes

Send bid document directly from BuildingConnected to PlanGrid to get field team started without file download and upload.