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Connect field to office with digitized, integrated project management workflow.

By promoting collaboration earlier in project and linking information between office and field, team have greater transparency on changes and can minimize information gaps leading RFI, change order, and rework.

Project Management

Contractual procedure, communication process, and standard may vary from one project to another, further they complicated due to multiple processes and software to manage.

Simplify process with single platform to streamline management of RFI and deliverables to help meet contractual obligation.

Field Collaboration

Building from inaccurate drawing, model, and document is a must to rework, RFI, and delayed schedule.

Unify entire project team on current set, with access to all project information in office, trailer or field. Create single valid source for document, punch list, photo and task.

Cost Control

Managing construction cost throughout lifecycle of project — including tracking change order, managing supplier contract, and visibility into overall budget impact, indeed boring.

Maintain transparency and improve cost control management by centralizing cost information into single platform.

Quality & Safety

Construction quality and safety issues cost the most will be missed. And simply tracking incident and error doesn’t take effort.

Empower entire project team to work toward proactively preventing incident by capturing both positive and negative observation, and leverage data analytic to prevent problems to occur.


Closing out project can time-consuming without standardized way of ensuring that all equipment and asset are installed, tested and fully operational.

Make sure owners can start operation as soon as turnover is complete with confidence, and living concept drawing with all data will need to maintain smooth building operation.

Deliver project faster with portfolio of industry-leading cloud solution, outstanding in performance and simplicity.

Connect all data and workflow to make decision more effectively across project lifecycle.

Keep everyone on the right page

Publish design information directly to project management and field, online or offline, to make sure team has information they need.

Deliver BIM data directly to user in field

Empower field to build with higher accuracy and make better decision with access to BIM data from mobile devices

Start building process as soon as bidding finished

Transfer bid document directly from Building Connected to PlanGrid so field team can start faster.

Sync data automatically between BIM 360 and PlanGrid

Connect office to field, allowing team to work in their software of choice and keeping everyone up to date.