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Scaling Safety Programs

Scaling Safety Programs

Turning near misses into good catches with practical solutions in Autodesk Construction Cloud.

What’s better than a “good catch?” No single action makes a construction site safer on its own. Learn how to scale up safety programs to help remove hazards before they become incidents. Improvements in safety onsite do not happen in a vacuum. They’re due to comprehensive safety programs that are informed by data, put in place by safety professionals with the cooperation of their extended team.

It all starts with one small, but impactful positive first step.

Join our experts, Alyssa Schear and Rachel Beaudry, as they share how to utilize Autodesk Build to scale up safety programs by:

  • Starting with validating safe observations and “good catches” through positive reinforcement

  • Documenting and mitigating at-risk conditions promptly when spotted on site

  • Frequently monitoring for safe/unsafe site conditions

  • Sharing data from the field and design across teams and at safety toolbox talks

  • Creating predictive safety dashboards – driven by Autodesk AI – that enhance safety programs