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Harnessing the Data Advantage in Construction: Audiobook

Listen to the Audiobook Now.

Companies with a clear strategy for data analytics and reporting are poised to harness data to drive better decisions and project outcomes. Companies that don’t will risk losing significant margins in profits to rework and much more.

The True Cost of Bad Data in Construction” was made in partnership with FMI from a global survey of over 3,900 construction professionals on their data strategies and best practices. 

Listen to the audio version of our industry report “Harnessing the Data Advantage in Construction” to learn where to begin. Our research shows that:

  • The volume of available project data has doubled in the last 3 years
  • One third of poor decisions were made as a result of bad data
  • Bad data may have cost the global construction industry $1.848 Trillion in 2020

Download the Audiobook Now.