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Work Plan Help Guide

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The Work Plan tool in Autodesk Build is a construction production planning solution that helps teams prevent delays, reduce project waste, and enhance accountability. With the Work Plan tool, teams can collaboratively build short-term plans using Lean Construction principles, track commitments, manage constraints and view progress towards key performance metrics.

The basic concept is to break the work down into small tasks that can be reliably planned and executed to keep projects on track. The key is to engage the experts (trade partners and stakeholders) and use the knowledge gained from all stakeholders involved in the completion of a work plan that the team (general contractor and trade partners) commits to. Key milestones are identified from the master schedule and brought into the production plan. Updates to the milestones in the production plan are reflected back into the master schedule. The team should not try to put the detail of the production plan back into the master schedule. The master schedule should summarize the project at a high level; it should not contain all of the production planning details.