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Gain Control Over Cost Overruns: How CPPI Protects Margins with Autodesk

Harness the power of technology to protect your margins and maximize profitability on projects. As a contractor, you’re tasked with overseeing and facilitating several moving parts on a project while trying to protect your financial health. Often, you’re stuck dealing with inefficient processes and data silos, making it hard to manage costs effectively. We’re here to help! Join Autodesk Construction Cloud for a live webinar, where we talk to Brad Buckles, Director of Technology at Charles Perry Partners, Inc. (CPPI), about the challenges they faced related to cost management processes and how to overcome them using technology.

Key Learnings:
  • The importance of effective cost management in construction
  • How touching data once positively impacts profitability
  • Key opportunities technology brings to increase efficiencies through connected workflows.