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How Autodesk Build Helps Movares Keep Critical Railway Infrastructure Operational

Movares Europe is a leading Dutch engineering consultancy that provides large-scale infrastructure projects to create a more liveable, accessible, and sustainable Netherlands. Rapid growth led the team to adopt BIM 360 within Autodesk Construction Cloud™ to manage construction documents digitally. But with the availability of Autodesk Build, Movares migrated solutions to comply with government regulations around information security standards.

Standardisation for Consistency and Compliance

Ron Rijkers, leads Movares’ Integral Building Design department. He is responsible for the overall BIM strategy for Movares, including leading their teams who work on a diverse range of projects from train stations to large roadways. Over the last few years, the company has expanded its marketplace from rail infrastructure engineering to other aspects of the engineering industry. Nevertheless, this has created some issues when managing the day-to-day processes of projects.

“With our company growth, it soon became clear that there was no standardised approach to the way in which we implemented and used digital solutions on our projects,” says Ron.

Movares’ growth meant resources soon became stretched. For Ron, managing project data and ensuring teams had access to the most up-to-date and accurate project information became challenging. The team started using BIM 360 to create a single source of truth for project data. But when Autodesk Build - a unified construction management solution - was announced and released on the European server in early 2021, the team knew a transition was necessary to comply with government regulations regarding cyber security standards.


Complying with ISO 19650 Standards with One Solution

Workflows in Autodesk Build that comply with ISO 19650 offers Movares a robust set of tools to define a structured and standardised process for publishing, sharing, and storing project information. This supports Movares to comply with the international standard for managing data over the whole life cycle of a built asset using building information modelling (BIM).

When the global Covid-19 pandemic forced employees to work from home, the technology supported Movares to stay operational. “Our user licences tripled in a two-month period as our teams needed to be able to work remotely to keep our critical railway projects operational,” says Ron. “Without access to these cloud solutions, we would have struggled to maintain momentum and make progress on our projects.”

Remote onboarding with Autodesk Build meant the technology needed to be easy to navigate. Project team members were encouraged to get familiar with using one digital workflow or process in depth at a time.


“Without access to these cloud solutions, we would have struggled to maintain momentum and make progress on our projects.”

Ron Rijker
Integral Building Design Manager


Accessing What You Need When You Need It

The team at Movares now uses Autodesk Build for all new building projects. Project data is structured in a standardised way which means any new team members joining an ongoing construction project know exactly where to go in their common data environment for the relevant information to get up to speed.

“If I were to choose just one feature that is the most beneficial, it would have to be the fact that Autodesk Build is a single source of truth,” says Ron. “We couldn’t do 3D modelling without using Autodesk Construction Cloud. There are not many solutions in the market that have the end-to-end capabilities that Autodesk Construction Cloud has. We’d be forced to work in 2D, and we wouldn’t be able to run our operations this way.”

Looking to the future, Movares plans to use more of the features and functionality that Autodesk Build offers, including automating more processes. As a company, they are committed to providing high-quality advice to deliver the best outcomes for their customers. In turn, they aim to deliver these outcomes to the highest quality standards using digital tools.

Movares’ goal is to be a pioneer in the digital transformation of the engineering industry. By using high-quality tools, building custom tools and services, and integrating workflows, Movares will be a crucial player in the architecture, engineering, and construction industry to deliver the high-quality infrastructure and building engineering solutions that society needs.


“Autodesk Build is a single source of truth. There are not many solutions in the market that have the end-to-end capabilities that Autodesk Construction Cloud has.”

Ron Rijkers
Integral Building Design Manager