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How Collaborative Bidding Increased Bradley Concrete’s Revenue by 1300%


Bradley Concrete is a concrete specialty contractor known for its expertise, high-quality work, and excellent customer service. Antiquated methods of managing bids created inefficiencies, errors, and missed opportunities. By implementing Bid Board Pro by BuildingConnected within Autodesk Construction Cloud™, Bradley Concrete improved its bid management process, increasing revenue by 1300% while enhancing collaboration and employee satisfaction.


Collaborative Bidding Changes the Game

Before implementing a streamlined bid solicitation and management system, Bradley Concrete used emails and Excel spreadsheets to manage the preconstruction process. It was time-consuming, prone to errors, and sometimes resulted in missed bids.

Given the limitations of this process — such as siloes, miscalculations, and missed data entry — important information and opportunities inevitably got lost.

“Having an Excel spreadsheet where everyone manually entered all of their bids was problematic. The spreadsheet lived on our shared server, and only one person could access it at a time. It wasn’t cloud-based, so we’d go 3 or 4 days before we’d even see new bids pop up on the spreadsheet.”

Spencer Harris
Senior Estimator

Cloud-based Bid Management Tools Enable a Collaborative Bidding Process

That’s why Bradley Concrete upgraded their construction bid management system to Bid Board Pro. Bid Board Pro’s cloud-based bid management tools eliminated these issues and made information sharing and collaboration between employees efficient and straightforward.

Now, Bradley Concrete’s team can easily manage bid requests, communicate more efficiently, sustain growth, and support its employees in the fast-paced world of Bay Area construction.

“Before using Bid Board Pro, everyone had their own method of tracking bids. That caused a lot of bids to fall through the cracks. Now, all we have to do is forward emails to BuildingConnected, and they get populated automatically. No more missed bids.”

Spencer Harris
Senior Estimator

Collaborative Bidding Boosts the Bottom Line

Bradley Concrete’s employees use BuildingConnected’s historical bid data to plan for long-term success. Bid Board Pro’s real-time analytics, detailed reports, and leaderboards give valuable insight into employees’ performance, as well as critical client and competitor data. Now, Bradley Concrete can prioritize the bids they want and the right ones for their business.

In the end, the true impact of streamlined bid solicitation and management for Bradley Concrete has been in their bottom line. With Bid Board Pro at the helm of its bid management process, Bradley Concrete increased its revenue from $3 million to $42 million - a 1300% increase.

“The ability for anyone, at any time, to go into BuildingConnected and see what’s due or find information with everything live and all of us connected is a big key to our success. It’s rare to find a tool like Bid Board Pro that can increase ROI so quickly.”

Scott Bradley
Co-founder and Director of Preconstruction