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Agilis Systems
Agilis Systems is a national leader in GPS fleet management, asset tracking & workforce management solutions that improve your efficiency, saving you money.
Integration forBIM 360
The Integration

We're unified behind a single premise—make complicated things simple. It's a concept that drives the approach to our products, our operations and every facet of our business. We believe that software solutions succeed when the complexity falls away and the benefits become immediate.

Agilis Systems tracks thousands of vehicles, assets and employees each day. We're a leader in the development of innovative, easy-to-use GPS based products that help businesses improve efficiency and save money. We make complex systems easy to use.


  • Agilis Systems can be embedded as a BIM 360 Partner Home Card
  • Access Agilis Systems data via your BIM 360 Project Home
  • Track vehicles and assets inside of BIM 360


Technology built byAgilis Systems


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