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A net zero future: Success strategies for sustainable construction

On Demand

Asia Pacific

Is attaining net zero just a pipe dream or the new possible reality for the construction industry? With the sector contributing to 40% of greenhouse gas emissions worldwide, there is a pressing need to adopt sustainable construction practices as the world moves towards a circular economy. Join the Autodesk webinar featuring a panel of industry leaders from the Asia Pacific World Green Building Council and Infrastructure Sustainability Council ANZ. Our panelists will share research-based insights on how Asia Pacific organisations can overcome barriers to achieving greater sustainability in built environments.

In this session, you will learn about:

  • The essential elements of sustainable construction

  • Strategies and best practices for implementing sustainable construction successfully

  • The future of green construction - emerging trends, industry standards and regulatory environments

  • How digitalisation directly enables reduced emissions and waste

Speakers :

Joy Gai

Asia Pacific Programmes Head

World Green Building Council

Dr. Kerry Griffiths

IS Technical Director

Infrastructure Sustainability Council

Dr. Charles Sanchez

BIM Implementation Consultant