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Uncovering Actionable Insights from Construction Data with a Platform w/ Jim Lynch and Sid Haksar

A true platform is more than just a list of APIs connected to a SaaS solution. It provides a single experience where designers, engineers, and builders can harness the data and tools they need whenever and wherever they need them.

So, how can you ensure you’re getting a true platform experience?

Jim Lynch, Senior Vice President & General Manager, and Sid Haksar, Head of Construction Strategy, both with Autodesk, join the show to answer that question. Plus, they share pivotal moments from Autodesk University and their thoughts on where construction is heading. On this episode we covered:

  • Highlights from Autodesk University
  • The definition and benefits of a true platform approach
  • Which questions to ask while evaluating platforms and construction technology
  • Big themes surfacing about the future of construction

Resources mentioned during the podcast:

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Jim Lynch

Senior Vice President and General Manager


Sid Haksar

Head of Construction Strategy



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