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  |  Episode 13

Innovative Owner-driven Building Strategies for Sustainable Construction w/ Randy Norton and Levi Naas

Building 40,000 economically and environmentally sustainable housing units by 2030 is certainly an ambitious goal. It’s also an important one.

Randy Norton, Founder and Chairman of the Board at MultiGreen Properties, and Levi Naas, Director of Real Estate Development, also with MultiGreen, share how they plan to tackle the global affordable housing crisis through innovative, sustainable, owner-driven building strategies. Topics we discussed include:

  • MultiGreen’s goal of building 40,000 sustainable housing units by 2030
  • The difference between sustainable construction and green building
  • First steps a company can take to start building sustainable construction projects
  • Evaluating construction technology and collaboration tools from an owner’s perspective
  • Making the right decisions about managing your data before starting a project

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Randy Norton

Founder and Chairman of the Board

MultiGreen Properties

Levi Naas

Director of Real Estate Development

MultiGreen Properties


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