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  |  Episode 15

Why Global Data Standards & ISO 19650 are the Future of Collaboration w/ Frederico Ramos & Marek Suchocki

As the volume of project data increases, and the AEC industry collaborates across ever larger regions of the globe, it’s important to ensure that the processes we use every day remain scalable and sustainable.

Marek Suchocki, Infrastructure Industry Engagement Lead at Autodesk, and Frederico Ramos, Principal at Aedas, join Eric to discuss global data standards and collaboration tips for global construction teams.

On this episode of Digital Builder they discussed:

  • The importance of global data standards in AEC
  • What exactly is ISO 19650?
  • How data standards are created and implemented
  • The challenge when teams leverage conflicting data standards
  • Tips for implementation when scaling into new regions
  • The future of common data standards
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