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  |  Episode 14

Demystifying Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning in Construction w/ Josh Kanner and Pat Keaney

Our modern, digitized construction industry collects a massive amount of data. With the help of AI and machine learning, the industry has reached a tipping point where — rather than drowning in the data — we can leverage it to predict risks and guide where we should focus our resources.

On this episode, our host Eric Thomas was joined by Josh Kanner, Founder and CEO of and Pat Keaney, Director of Product Management, Intelligence in Autodesk Construction R&D.

On this episode of Digital Builder they discussed:

  • What exactly Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence really are
  • Common misconceptions about this type of technology
  • How Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are used today in construction, including real-world examples
  • What we can expect in the future (surprise—the future is already here!)
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Josh Kanner

Founder & CEO

Pat Keaney

Director of Product Management, Intelligence



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