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Whitman, Requardt & Associates, LLP uses PlanGrid to better Facilitate Heavy Civil projects, Keeping them on Time and under Budget.

General contractor Whitman, Requardt & Associates (WRA) needed constant communication across their team to keep projects moving forward on time. They turned to PlanGrid to help make that goal a reality. Now whether they’re working with engineers, owners, or partners, they know they are using current information and can make updates directly from the field.

WRA was encountering some difficulties on their projects. Team leaders couldn’t get updated drawings out to their team quick enough and workers in the field were working on outdated plans. This lack of communication across the team was leading to delays, cost overruns, and massive headaches.

To cut down on these problems, they took the step of introducing PlanGrid to their teams. This gave team members in the office the ability to update everyone’s information set with just the click of a button.

The results they saw were incredible. PlanGrid’s immediate information distribution helped the project team resolve all items on a punch list in 1/6th it takes with paper drawings.

Just as important, WRA was able to keep their clients in the loop about all the recent updates and to give them an accurate as-built during the turnover process.

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"The proof is in the numbers. Instantaneous access to information and instantaneous coordination—that savings alone continues to keep our projects on time and within budget."

- Leonard Coleman, Associate
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