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How Ryan Companies uses BuildingConnected to Improve Preconstruction Efficiency, Transparency, and Consistency

Headquartered in Minneapolis with offices across the United States, Ryan Companies is a general contractor renowned for building extraordinary commercial real estate projects spanning healthcare to hospitality, industrial to mixed-use, senior living, office space, retail, and more.

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The Ryan Companies team heavily relies on streamlined processes and organization to successfully deliver. Before BuildingConnected, each of their locations managed the bidding process differently. That meant different bid forms, different levels of detail when it came to cost collection, and different layouts when it was time to present bid results to clients. Here’s a look at how BuildingConnected helps Ryan Companies improve their preconstruction processes, achieve more consistency across offices, and save much-needed time every day.

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"When we compared our old platform and processes to BuildingConnected, it quickly became apparent how outdated they were."

- Nicole Waits, Construction Analyst

Streamlining processes by moving everyone to a single solution

Prior to implementing BuildingConnected’s all-in-one solution, Ryan Companies used a mix of several different software tools and manual processes, causing significant headaches and extra work for the team. Because they were still using Excel spreadsheets and faxes for some tasks, employees often had to enter the same information multiple times.

Ryan Companies adopted BuildingConnected to enable the company to react and respond as “one team,” allowing estimators from all across the country to work on a bid and save time by eliminating repetitive processes. Now that they’re able to store their documents and all of their subcontractor reviews in one platform, they’ve significantly reduced errors and inefficiencies.

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"The best thing about BuildingConnected is that it allows us to have consistency and transparency across all of our regions and offices."

- Nicole Waits, Construction Analyst

Saving time and improving data accuracy with Bid Leveling

When Ryan Companies first rolled out BuildingConnected, they used it solely to send bids out, but now, they leverage the platform throughout the entire preconstruction process. Ryan Companies relies heavily on BuildingConnected’s Bid Leveling feature, which enables them to compare bids side-by-side with pinpoint precision.

“We used these giant, arduous spreadsheets with multiple tabs to compare bids,” said Rachel Dana, Project Manager. “It was very confusing: we had a lot of double data entry and multiple project managers working in the same spreadsheet at once, so a lot of times their work wouldn’t save.” In order to get needed information from subcontractors, the team would have to mass call and email them, leading to constant back-and-forth.

Now, subcontractors can resubmit their bids with any missing inclusions directly in BuildingConnected, ensuring the most accurate bid comparison possible. With Bid Leveling, Ryan Companies team can make the best choice and more confidently present to owners while saving the team hours of work each week.

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"With Bid Leveling, we can send out notifications for changes in drawings or schedules, and subcontractors can react and resubmit immediately."

- Rachel Dana, Project Manager

Identifying and building relationships with subcontractors

Ryan Companies and their team have also saved time by leveraging BuildingConnected’s vast network of subcontractors, particularly when taking on projects in new regions.

“Before BuildingConnected, finding subcontractors in unknown markets was really challenging. One of my favorite features is the ability to quickly search and locate valid subcontractors,” said Brian Goodwin, Director of Preconstruction. With BuildingConnected, the team has been able to build better relationships with subcontractors through clear communication, created a more consistent bidding experience, and made it easier for subs to submit their bids on time.

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"Our subcontractors have really enjoyed using BuildingConnected. It allows us to streamline communications, and it works really well on their end, too."

- Britta Sortland Ryan, Senior Project Engineer

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