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How Complete Millwork Services wins more business by managing their bid board online

Complete Millwork Services, a Carson City, Nevada-based complete millwork solution for exceptional quality interiors, is known for producing and installing interiors across North America. They’ve been in business over 60 years, and in that time, a lot has changed.

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Complete Millwork Services Vice President of Preconstruction, Kevin Mortensen, remembers the old days of preconstruction. Even just several years ago, to win bids, subcontractors had to navigate mountains of paperwork, multiple spreadsheets, fax machines, whiteboards, and other manual processes.

“It was pretty antiquated,” says Mortensen. “We still did a lot of printing of our drawings, and a lot of hand takeoffs in the office.”

Thanks to technology, those days are gone. Complete Millwork Services now manages their entire preconstruction process through BuildingConnected’s Bid Board Pro, the first ever online bid board built for subcontractors to manage their entire preconstruction process and win more business.

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"Before BuildingConnected, we might have two estimators working on the same project — wires would get crossed. We’d lose a week’s worth of work when we could have been doing something else."

- Andrew Hoxsey, Project Manager

Goodbye, chaotic spreadsheets — hello, easier bid tracking

For subcontractors, organizing and keeping track of many simultaneous opportunities is a significant challenge. In the past, Complete Millwork Services needed to manage countless spreadsheets, emails, and calendar invites.

“Before BuildingConnected, we used spreadsheets to try to track what was going on. There were occasions where we’d either miss a bid date entirely or we would have two people working on the same bid, which was just a complete waste of resources,” says Mortensen.

“One of the nice things with BuildingConnected is that we’re able to just look and see at any given time exactly what’s out there, what we’re bidding, and who it is assigned to. I’ll take a look at that first thing in the morning, plan out my day, touch base with the estimator, and make sure we’re still on track to submit on time.”

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"We track hundreds of bid invites every month. So trying to track where each of those are, not only who they're assigned to, the due dates, and where we're at on the proposal — it was very hard, if not impossible before we used BuildingConnected."

- Kevin Mortensen, VP of Preconstruction

Increasing estimator accountability

Estimators play a vital role in the preconstruction process, ensuring the success of a project, from start to finish. Estimators at Complete Millwork Services no longer worry about crossing wires or having to manually track projects. Bid Board Pro provides insights into workflows and clarity to ensure everyone on the Complete Millwork Services team stays on the same page.

“Before BuildingConnected, we might have two estimators working on the same project — wires would get crossed,” says Project Manager, Andrew Hoxsey. “We’d lose a week’s worth of work when we could have been doing something else,” he continues.

“Bid Board Pro really helps keep me organized. I know what sort of workflow I’ve got coming up and when things are due. As soon as my boss gets a bid in, he can assign it to me and I know exactly what I’ve got on my plate.”

Winning more opportunities with analytics

Choosing the right projects to bid on can be a challenge, and submitting winning bids requires significant time and resources. Even the most organized bid calendars can’t prevent project conflicts, nor do they guarantee that GCs will accept bids.

Mortensen relies on Bid Board Pro’s data analytics to bid smarter. Bid Board Pro helps him determine which projects they have the best chances of winning, and which GCs are most likely to award contracts. Mortensen can view how many bids Complete Millwork Services has submitted to any given GC and what that GC’s award rate is. This information has helped Mortensen and his team select bids based on their potential success rate.

“You can only bid so much in a time period. If we have conflicting bids on a certain date, I can use Bid Board Pro to weigh which bid we turn in,” says Mortensen. “I can take our analytics, go back to the general contractor, and explain why we won’t bid on a certain project because they historically haven’t awarded us any jobs. The inverse is true as well, where we’ll let the general contractor know why we chose them to give a proposal to.”

BuildingConnected’s Bid Board Pro has transformed the way Complete Millwork Services does business. Countless spreadsheets, email chains, and guesswork have been replaced with a streamlined online bid board, a centralized calendar, and robust data analytics. BuildingConnected handles the preconstruction process so the Complete Millwork Services team can focus on what’s important: winning projects and producing and installing quality interiors.

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"BuildingConnected helps us stay on top of where we need to be. Simply put, it’s revolutionized the industry."

- Kevin Mortensen, VP of Preconstruction

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