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How Canterbury Contractors Eliminated Missed Bid Invites, Deadlines, and Job Walks with Bid Board Pro

Headquartered in Santa Clara, California, Canterbury Contractors specializes in interior and exterior painting, specialty coating, and maintenance for commercial construction in the Bay Area.

Discover the capabilities of BuildingConnected, the top software for subcontractor bidding.

Canterbury Contractors chose BuildingConnected to help them continue to prioritize customer relations and service and maintain their excellent reputation. Canterbury Contractors relies on BuildingConnected’s Bid Board Pro to stay on top of their communications — as well as project details and timelines — and manage client relationships with ease and transparency. Now, Canterbury Contractors saves up to 2 hours per day.

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"Other tools we tried gave us too many confusing options. They became intimidating, and we didn’t end up using them. BuildingConnected gave us everything we needed up front and made it really easy for us to get started. It wasn’t a hard sell for anybody."

- Yohann Jacob, Partner and Project Manager

Managing bids simply and effectively to capitalize on opportunities

Fully understanding every project opportunity and bid invitation enables Canterbury Contractors to develop more effective processes and create more new — and repeat — business.

“Before BuildingConnected, invitations to bid and requests for quotes fell through the cracks, emails wouldn’t get logged, and sometimes we were estimating hours for the same project without knowing it. We didn’t have a way to identify priorities or track who was working on what,” said Yohann Jacob, Partner and Project Manager.

Time management is crucial to building positive client relations. With BuildingConnected’s easy to use solution, Canterbury Solutions can save time and build positive relationships.

“Our clients are always looking for ways to shave off a few days or weeks on a project schedule. But BuildingConnected has helped us manage their expectations as well as improve our timeliness. Just from the efficiency of the tool alone, I can save up to two hours per day,” said Jacob.

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"We’re a small team, and most things run through one or two people, so if something is missed, then that’s it — it’s missed. BuildingConnected’s platform gives us access to every detail. Now, we can all work from the same plan and catch mistakes before they happen."

- Nick Martin, Estimating Coordinator

Easier scheduling and communication, internally and externally

Good communication is essential for delivering the best work. Canterbury Contractors relies on BuildingConnected’s platform to stay on top of multiple projects and bid invitations. Estimating Coordinator Nick Martin says it provides them with the tools they need to communicate accurately and efficiently among key stakeholders, while also syncing with their other systems like email and calendar.

“We receive almost all invitations to bid via email. The fact that we can forward emails directly to BuildingConnected and it will create the opportunity for us — that was the selling point,” said Martin.

Subcontracting jobs to other teams is now easier than ever.

“We do painting and wall covering, but we don’t really have an internal wall covering team. We subcontract that out to a team we work closely with. That used to involve a lot of back and forth through email, but now with BuildingConnected, I can put them on our company profile and simply add them to our estimating team, which makes it so much easier,” said Martin.

Looking ahead, Jacob will be leveraging BuildingConnected’s CRM and rich analytics capabilities to gain insights into how to deliver better results to their customers.

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"We’re hoping to start using it as a CRM tool, as well. We want to get an idea of how much we’re spending on certain jobs or accounts and which clients we need to spend more time with, so we know where we can do better."

- Yohann Jacob, Partner and Project Manager

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