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Brusnika Reduces Design Coordination Time by 95% with BIM 360

Brusnika was founded in Tyumen, Siberia, in 2004, aiming to specialise in the construction of democratic urban housing across Russia’s largest cities. The company is the most progressive housing developer in Russia and is so unique that it was the first to introduce architectural and urban innovations in low-cost housing that were previously only seen in small scale elite housing projects in Moscow. Outdated and disjointed methods of data collection and reporting led to loss of data and inefficiencies. To change people’s lives for the better to build more affordable, comfortable, and high-quality apartments, Brusnika adopted BIM 360 within Autodesk Construction Cloud. With BIM 360 as a common data environment, Brusnika reduced the time of design coordination by 95%.

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The Problem

Brusnika began its BIM journey in 2017 to digitise workflows, increasing the efficiency and consistency of reporting, giving all project stakeholders the ability to retrieve quality data and metrics. While the company was already using Autodesk Revit to retrieve data and information from their models, their storage management system was outdated and inconsistent. Without a Common Data Environment (CDE), Brusnika was dealing with data loss and inefficiencies caused by inconsistent reporting.

Brusnika’s BIM team wanted to understand what products could potentially improve internal collaboration and positively impact project performance. The first step was the development of a BIM standardisation strategy and roadmap through the exploration of construction techniques and an internal evaluation of construction processes.

The Solution

After evaluating several solutions, the team decided to deploy BIM 360 within Autodesk Construction Cloud as the CDE for collaboration and data management as it met their desired business outcomes of quality, cost, and time savings.

“BIM 360 is a valuable tool, and we selected it as our construction management platform for two reasons,” says Artem. “Firstly, it provided the ability for us to unite all stakeholders in one place. Secondly, due to interoperability with our other IT systems, we’ve garnered greater insight into our project data.”

Brusnika believes that integrated web services are the future of construction as it provides the opportunity to connect and access information from any device anytime and anywhere. The integration of BIM 360 with its internal IT systems made the selection a no-brainer.

The company’s goal was to use BIM 360 to organise and measure processes using its analytic capabilities to optimise workflows.

The Results

With BIM 360 in place, the company reduced the time of design coordination by 95%. It used to take 15-25 minutes– depending on the complexity of the drawing – to compare two drawings. Now, it takes between 1-5 minutes, freeing up time to coordinate on more critical tasks. With more than 50 specialists involved in a single company’s project, organising the team’s work in a CDE reduces the risk of information loss. As a result of the successful deployment of BIM 360 on 36 projects in less than ten months, Brusnika was able to scale its business with new projects, while opening new offices.

The “Expert RA” credit rating agency has also recently assigned a credit rating of ruBBB to Brusnika, indicating a stable level of creditworthiness and financial stability, which positively impacts its brand.

With BIM 360 and other systems in place, Brusnika is confident and ready to expand across Moscow to offer innovative housing solutions that change people’s lives.

Quotation mark

"As the business was expanding, managing and storing design data became more difficult due to the lack of formalised reporting structure and coordination. With more projects coming online, we needed a solution that would increase efficiency in reporting, structure project data to identify and eliminate project pain points and increase collaboration."

- Artem Deryushkin BIM Manager

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