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3Ultra Technologies Standardises Workflows with BIM 360, Increasing Efficiency by 32%

Founded in South Africa in 2018 by Rainier Krause and Paul Calitz, 3Ultra Technologies is a specialist design firm that operates in the food and beverage industry. The company spun out of Klaus Engineering Group – a 55-year-old market leader in industrial refrigeration and engineering – after Rainier and Paul identified a gap in the South African market. 3Ultra Technologies discovered that implementing BIM 360 and moving away from paper-based documentation positively impacts data flow, increases efficiency, and reduces rework.


saving on project review time


saving on drawings


admin cost reduction

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The Problem

A lack of workflow standardisation in the region was leading to inefficiencies and poor communication on projects. Project review processes were cumbersome, time-consuming, and expensive, as mark-ups were manual. Furthermore, drawings were getting misplaced or soiled onsite, leading to loss of information and rework. The company needed to find a better, more efficient way.
3Ultra Technologies was in the market for a solution that would connect the office to the field and ensure data was available downstream. By searching the web for a cloud-based platform that enabled better collaboration and document management, they found BIM 360 within Autodesk Construction Cloud.

The Solution

By adopting BIM 360, 3Ultra Technologies has offered a more comprehensive solution to their clients. When 3Ultra Technologies onboarded BIM 360, they looked to Prokon Software Consultants, in collaboration with the Autodesk extended Account and Construction Customer Success team, for assistance with support and licensing.

“Prokon’s support is impressive, and they pay close attention to their clients. It’s something we’ve not seen from any other reseller,” says Paul. “You can’t put a price tag on that.”

Having assisted them with the transition to BIM 360, Sampie Goosen, Structural Specialist at Prokon and Technical Consultant, Alastair Riddin at Prokon, say the relationship with Autodesk is symbiotic, and they offer good value to each other. Sampie adds, “With the support of the Autodesk team, they helped 3Ultra Technologies with their workflow as well as how to extract the greatest value from BIM 360 and its integration capabilities.”


3Ultra Technologies’ review process has fundamentally changed since they switched to BIM 360. The implementation has had a positive impact across the organization, even extending to their clients. The company can identify issues much sooner as drawings are available in real-time. This insight eliminates the potential for delays on the project and finger-pointing as there is increased collaboration.

“The biggest benefit we’ve seen with BIM 360 is that a lot less rework is required onsite, while the paperless aspect of our new workflow has shown massive savings,” says Paul. The company has seen an impressive saving of around 8% over the total cost of a project by eliminating the need to purchase paper and ink or having to maintain printers. In terms of direct cost saving, Paul says that they save over 70% of the administration costs of a project by not having to print anymore. A further saving of 59% was seen on laying out drawings, while the company now saves 32% of their time, per project, on reviews.

Further to the time and cost savings, 3Ultra Technologies has also found that using BIM 360 has meant they have been able to win new clients. As Paul explains, “It’s not just about the improved efficiency in our workflow but the fact that we’re selling projects based on our capabilities with this software. We found that driving our projects is the only way for us to manage our deadlines. Everything is in BIM 360, and this allows us to stay on top of every aspect of the project.”

Quotation mark

"Life before BIM 360 was quite challenging in terms of rework and the amount of paperwork required."

- Paul Calitz, Director 3Ultra Technologies

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